When playing, the player is assuming the role of Mario and has to go through the Mushroom Kingdom. The player has to survive the evil forces of the game’s villain, Bowser, and rescue Princess Toadstool. To win the game, Mario has to reach the flag pole at the end of each level.

There are coins scattered throughout the game which need to be collected. There are also special bricks with question marks that reveal more coins and other special items once hit. It’s a must to hit other bricks if there’s enough time as they might contain rare items or coins.

Eating a mushroom transforms regular Mario into Super Mario , which means he grows double in size and gets the ability to break bricks above him. Careful though as when he gets hit in this mode, he reverts to his original self, but he won’t die.

Eating a Fire Flower turns Mario into Fire Mario and when in this form he can throw bouncing fireballs from his hands. Touching a bouncing Super Star (also a power-up opportunity) turns him into Star Mario.

Star Mario

In the Star Mario form, there’s almost nothing that can harm him and he can also kill enemies with just one touch. This superpower doesn’t last very long so use it quickly. Players start with a specific number of lives that are lost every time damage is taken or whenever Mario runs out of time or falls in a bottomless pit.

The Battle

Jumping on enemies is often the only way to defeat and enemies react differently. Koopas are turtle-like creatures and they will retract in their shells. Goombas will flatten and get defeated while Buzzy Beetles will turn into shells.

You can shoot fire at most enemies and get coins as a reward. The game has different worlds and the final stage of each one always takes place in a castle where Mario is supposed to fight Bowser above a suspension bridge.

Remember to look for shortcuts as doing so can significantly shorten your game time. It’s a must to run whenever possible because there is a time limit and the faster you get through, the better score you’ll have.